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download zlwhatsapp apk 2024 latest version

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ZLWhatsapp is a messaging application and Voiced and video calls. It works on smart phones and tablets. ZLWhatsApp is considered  as a modified version of original Whatsapp, it provides some  additional features and modifications on user interface, privacy and performance. ZLWhatsApp features with a user interface is similar to original Whatsapp, but it provides features like hide the last seen, customize themes, share big files, and ban advertisements and call recorder. It should be noticed that ZLWhatsApp is not an official application from Whatsapp company, and it has been modified by an unknown developer, so it may be safety and privacy risks when you use it.

Some ZLWhatsApp features

Hide the last seen:  It allows users to hide their appeared statue on Internet  which means that they can use the application without being seen on Internet or appear the last time that they were online. 

Customize themes: It allows users to change the style of appearance of application, and select different themes and wallpaper screen chat.

Share big files: Users can share the files of a huge size easily through the application.

?Is ZLWhatsApp safe

Zl Whatsapp application is not an official app from Whatsapp company, and it may be modified by an unknown developers that means it may be safety and privacy risks when use. It may be modified to has features and an untrusted additions that may effect on safety of your personal data.

If you are interested in your safety data and your privacy on Internet, it would be better to use the official Whatsapp application that it has been provided and updated regularly by the mother company, and it has a high reputation and confidence. It is considered safer according to ongoing review by developer team and normal safe updates.

Kindly, take this into consideration and make the right decision about the use of alternative applications and anticipate potential risks.

 Download zlwhatsapp latest version

The popularity of Zelzal WhatsApp. The number of ZLWhatsApp downloads has reached more than 2 million downloads of the Zelzal WhatsApp 2024 application from the beautiful countries of the world to distinguish Zlwhatsapp apk with the best modern and exclusive additions, the ZLWhatsApp statuses that are found on it, and everything new is added to Zelzal WhatsApp. Plus updated version.

We constantly update this page about everything new about WhatsApp 2024 apk, the features of the version, and new updates.

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